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Ignition key duplication question

Hi all,
I am going to be moving in the near future, and I will be turning the key over to the movers. I only received 1 key when I bought the car, and want to make sure I have an extra in case one gets lost in transportation of the vehicle. I have the vehicle IPAS info which has the key learn code, immobilizer code, ignition lock code and programming code.....Not sure which of these is needed, but what would be the best way of going about getting another key? Hopefully something in a timely manner as I am moving in the next few weeks!

1998 Guards Red Black/Black 5 sp.

Work done '06 :Replaced bad hose and clamps from reservoir tank
oil change and filter
replaced seals on both cam covers
brakes bled and refilled
Replaced bent rear right lower control arm
Front air dams and 3 underbody panels replaced
Halogen headlamps replaced
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