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Originally Posted by eightsandaces
PS Anyone who knows what they call the head on the "special" fasteners on the MAF or where to get the magic tool for said fasteners, please advise...
The screws used to secure the MAF sensor are "security torx" screws. They look like normal torx screws, except that they have a protruding center piece in the screw so that normal torx screwdrivers cannot remove them. This way, they are so-called "tamper proof". Picture of a security torx screw here:

In order to remove them, you have to buy a tamper proof or security torx bit set, which has a hole in the center of the torx bit to fit into the tamper proof screw:

You can usually find these for cheap at a local auto parts store. I got mine for like $8 bucks at a Pep Boys.
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