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You do realize it's a convertible right? Convertible = Wind!

Wind in your hair is a quintescenntial part of the open air driving experience.

If you don't like the wind, that's what the Cayman is for, and don't forget, the Boxster does come with a top.

IMHO, I don't like the 'carbon' look at all, never really got it I guess - too poseur for my taste.

It always strikes me funny that those who use CF as a decoration leave it raw, while those who actually use it for it's material qualities almost always paint it. 2 weeks ago, I was cruising the pits at Barber Motorsports Park and there was more CF than there are rocks on the moon. About 98% of it was painted and that which wasn't - suspension 'A' arms and such, isn't normally painted no matter what material it's made of.

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