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Additional comment on weights...

Taking pictures is great advice. I made the mistake of relying on a local tire service manager's 'word' that they could easily handle the rear rims on my Boxster without damage, and ended up with edge and spoke scuffs for my trouble.

Just to clarify the wheel weight advice - if you're not familiar with the various types of wheel weights, the Boxster rims 'must' use the inside paste-on weights. If you get anything other than an 'Of course', I would highly recommend that you try another tire shop.

Still, no reason to use the dealer for tires, just make sure you're comfortable that the tire shop is competent with Porsche rims.

Good luck.

Originally Posted by mikefocke
What machine they use to balance the tires. If they can use inside paste-on weights instead of the bang-on old style lead weights that show from the outside. How much they charge.

Then on the day you deliver the car and in front of the shop, take pictures of your wheels so you have documentation of their condition when you delivered them.

I have my local tire shop do my mounting.
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