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Originally Posted by Yvonne+puppy
Yes blonde and female .... and new on I live on my own I dont hav any one to ask and it may sound silly........... I have a 2000 boxster 3.2 only got HIM at christmas.....and I dont spend all my time cleaning HIM ..... but notice yesterday that I hav lost a badge off one of the alloys so went round the rest and pulled and another came off, but they hav holes in and look like they sud be screwed on ?????????
sud they be screwed on ????? and were will I get another one ??????? bin on ebay but not got what I am looking for .......... any ideas ?? thanks
Hi Yvonne,
The two holes in the badge are there for the centre cap to be removed from the wheel, a wire type tool hooks into the holes and the cap can then be pulled free, the badges need to be stuck on to the cap, I used an epoxy type resin (Araldite) when mine fell off!
Check out Porscheshop web site
Hope this helps

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