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02 Bumper Cover Question?

My 02 base rolled into a tree, which resulted in a cracked front bumper cover and broken driver side grill. My insurance will cover the repairs minus the deductible ($500 ouch!)

Of course my initial tought is to turn lemon into lemonade and switch to a GT3 bumper, but am not sure how much additional out of pocket that will translate into. What is the least expensive source for an OE GT3 bumper? Also, for a side by side comparison, can anyone post before and after pics of this swap? I have seen some photos, but can't see what the big deal is. Is there supposed to be a seperate lip (extra $$) to make the GT3 bumper the #1 recommended mod?

Also, in case the GT3 bumper will come at a premium that I won't be willing to pay, what about switching to the 03-04 bumper cover? That shouldn't cost any more than possibly the extra cost of the passenger side grill. But is it a good idea to only swap the front? Is the 1st gen bumper considered to be better looking than the 2nd?

BTW, my Boxster is silver/black with a 5 speed.

Sorry for any typos, but I am in hurry to get out there and carve the local canyon on my 600RR.

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