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Paul Whyte
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Drainage pipe / Central locking problems

I have been having problems with my central locking. the passenger door will not lock, the central locking button on the dash board does not work. When I use the only lock on the car (drivers door) I have to old the key in the lock position for a while, the car horn sounds twice and the drivers door will lock, however the passenger side remains unlocked.
I have tried moving the passenger lock with a screw driver and it all works ok.
I also noted a wet passenger footwell. After looking in this forum I understand that that the central locking control unit is placed under the passenger seat. So I am assuming this getting wet is probably the cause of the door malfunction. I plan on removing the passenger seat, drying out the unit and hoping it will function properly.

Regarding the wet passenger foot well, I have checked all my drainage points on the car, I have found the passenger side front (uk car- so left side of car when sat in vehicle) drainage pipe has been pushed down into the body of the car and is no longer attached. Can someone please tell me how I can retrieve this and put the grommet/pipe back in its correct location.

Does anyone also have any ideas as to how to fix the central locking problem, should taking the seat out and blasting the unit with a hair dryer not work?

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