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Aftermark HU with Rear Speaker Kit?

I recently purchased a '99 Boxster base with the "High Fidelity" system (CDR220, dash and door speakers, 4x40W Nokia amp). Today I also purchased the OEM rear speaker deck.

I now plan on buying a Kenwood eXcelon KDC-X693 from Crutchfield which comes with the Metra 70-1787 wiring harness. From reading earlier posts, I understand that the Nokia amp powers my dash and door speakers and that the rear speaker deck is normally powered by the CDR220 headunit.

From researching the Metra harness, I also see that the harness has a 4 RCA plug adapter that that mates the Nokia amp with the Kenwood's pre-amp outs. Therefore, I'm good to go with my dash and door speakers.

My QUESTION is: if I install the Kenwood HU with the Metra wiring harness, am I still able to power the rear speaker deck from the new headunit? If so, I'm assuming the Metra harness must have a connector where the rear speaker deck hookup would be plugged in?

Much thanks...

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