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Originally Posted by Oaktown 986
$1 says you just need to take it in for an alignment and balance on a computerized Hunter 9700. Did you get a balance/alignment on a nice machine with a computer printout last time? Or... cheapie?

you know - I don't know! it was a small tire shop that was near my house..I had them install my PZeros and do an alignment and balance job. it's entirely possible they didn't use the latest greatest machine.

it's been a year since i did it, so I will find a shop that has that machine you mentioned and get another alignment and wheel balance. maybe that will take care of it! it woudl be great if it did!!!

my car is in the body shop getting a small fender bender fixed, AND I'm getting my center console painted..can't wait to get my car back. I will ahbe been w/out my car for ALMOST TWO MONTHS. I got hit 12/23. i waited unti after new years to get the estimate as I had company over the holidays, then I had to deal with insurance, then the body shop had wait - VERY high demand place....then parts were late..blah blah blah.

i'm dying to go for a drive!

i'm going to really hit them ahard for "loss of use".. that is still "pending"... it was NOT my fault. i know they will want to NOT pay me for every day I was w/out my car..but they will hard pressed to get out of all of it.... for kicks, I looekd up boxster rentals online and the chepaaest you can find one is $200/day.

hmm...odds are thehy wont' pay me $200/day for loss of use..
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