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Steering vibration - bushings?

i've noticed if I go too fast, I get some slight vibration in my steering wheel.

I have had the car aligned and I still notice it. It's NOT that bad, it's very minor. If I keep speeds below 70 mph or so I don't even notice it, but as speeds get to 80-85 I start to notice a wobble/shake in the steering wheel.

it could be alignment., although I sort of wonder if given that my car is 10 years old...could it be that bushings/ steering system is just worn...and it's just natural that the steering will not feel as solid/tight as my 2006 Acura RL...... with only 35k miles.....

If I have to change out the entire suspension, control arms, and spend thousands of dollars it is sooooooooooo not worth changing. If it could be just some bushings, and a couple hundred dollar set of bushings and couple hundred bucks in labor to install woudl take care of it... i'd be in... given that this is a Boxster..I sort of suspet that ANYTHING is not a "couple hundred bucks".... i have beenlucky to have a few repairs that were "only" a couple hundred bucks..but I realize and accept that not much on this car is cheap to fix... but i was curious...for minor steering wheel shimmy at higher speeds..what is the most common culprit and what is the recommended fix..

is it bushings or is that likely NOT it? i had it aligned 3000 miles I kinda doubt it's ana lignment..and my tires were replaced at the same i only have 3k miles on my Pirelli PZero N3s. maybe the alignemnt guy did a crappy job?

it woudl be cheap to go do a super duper alignment / balancing guy and see if that does it...
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