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We have our first reliability stats for the Boxster that include owner experiences through September 30, 2009. In terms of repair trips per 100 cars per year:

2005: 138, worse than average

2001: 189, worse than average

2000: 163, about average

1999: 91, better than average

In all four cases the sample sizes were a few cars short of the minimum needed for a full result, so these are asterisked and visible only to members on the site itself.

The result for the 1999 is clearly inconsistent with the others.

A big thank you to everyone who has been helping. We'll have more data and thus more precise results with the next update, in February. The more owners sign up and participate, the more precise these results will become.

Porsche Boxster reliability comparisons
Car reliability, real-world fuel economy, and price comparison information
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