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Originally Posted by donv
I second the Subaru idea (my daily driver is a '98), but different model choices:

WRX STi (a little above your range at ~$32K, hatchback, not wagon - but 300HP turbo with real sport seats, heavily optioned and brakes that are familiar - Brembos!)
WRX Sport Wagon (227 HP Turbo 2.0L - ~$26K)
Legacy Wagon 2.5GT Turbo (~$28K - 250HP).

Why? These are not the "road clearance" models, so the center of gravity will be lower for better cornering. Subaru has really taken things up a notch re: power and brakes lately (I believe their ads were quoting faster acceleration times than a Boxster at one point...).

They take a lickin and keep on tickin.

The WRX STi is not a hatchback, its a 4 door sedan with a trunk.
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