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New car help requested.

I have to purchase a new car to travel my 5 state sales territory in. I dislike SUVs for the main fact they do not thrill me when I drive, and they suck up gas. the vehicle needs to have space to haul samples in, and I would also like it to be sporty and fun to drive. Previous employment for the same region supplied a Ford Explorer. My new employer will be paying mileage so I can recoup most the money as long as I am frugal in my purchase. Please shoot me any ideas you may have.

My requirements are:
some room to haul,
nice interior comfort wise(leather, moon roof),
Some sort of sporty feel (i do miss the Boxster),
able to withstand 45K miles a year (trade in every3-4 years)
reasonable gas mileage,
cost below 30K (It will have no value at trade in)

Now Here is what I have looked at so for:
Jeep Grand Cherokee Ltd (I do not like the new interiors),
Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited (very noise and gas mileage is bad but I loved the idea),
Nissan Murano (like the exterior hate the interior),
Nissan Xtera (gas mileage and not that sporty),
Saab 92x (looks like a wagon but fun to drive),
Audi A3 ( top of price range but I like allot)
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