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There's 5 common problems that will give you those symptoms, knocking them around and puling the plugs in and out (for same reason cited below) can help can save you$$$


1) switch under the clam shell,
2) Switch in the handbrake (Idiot Light should come on, if it's not...)
3) switch on the middle of windshield/top latch.

Relays: General you need to pull them in and out to make sure the contacts are...contacting. Than wap'm a few times on the ground, good smacks. this will break them loose if there stuck and knock any corrosion or debris on the contacts off.


1)There's a big double sized looking one on the relay panel hidden behind your left foot kick panel.
2) there's two in a hidden sliding tray hidden on the left side of the'll have to look them up, there's about 14 in there.

You can also check the fuse to... work it in and out a bit for good measure.

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