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top stuck up

Ok I have a hard top on my 2000 S and it is almost always on the car. I have recently been removing it to please my better half. The top started acting up and working sporeaticly . Clicking the button and it would work compleatly randomly. It was pissing me off and I would get the top down again and forget about it because hey the hard tops on. Well until today we went into a store and I put the top up this time no luck she just stays up. I tested the micro switch at the latch and by the radio in the dash both seem to be working ok. I also own a Bentley manual its great if its stuck open it has the procedure to close the top but not vice versa. I checked the fuses they are fine. In the morning I'm checking the relay but I have a feeling it to will check out. I have yet to see a relay work some of the time they seem to be broken or not in my experiences. So help how do I at least get the top back down because I'm ready to get the old DeWalt sawzall out! Thanks
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