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Extended Warranty - Automotive Protection Bureau?

I have a 1999 Boxster with 54K miles.

I was watching TV and saw a commercial from the Automotive Protection Bureau.

There website is:

I called them, The first person sent me to the Approval department. They asked the usual info. Plus, if i modified my car, i said yes, i have an exhaust. They said okay. They asked about recent problems, i said i just replaced the water pump. That was okay too. I was approved.

I was sent back to the first operator, and was quoted $492 (total) for a 5 year / additional 100K miles (to 154K). This is pending 30 day, because they my car needs to be inspected.

They will cover the drivetrain, air condition, and other things. They will also pay for the timing belt/chain change (depending on the car). I asked where can i get my car fixed? they said any ASC certified mechanic, even the dealer!!!

I told them that sounds like a good deal. I said "I'll call back" i need to do my research".

The Kicker is they said they don't allow call back. they qouted some rule or law about people calling back only when there car is broken.

This did not sound good to me, i'm thinking its a scam, so i did not get the extended warranty.

I must add, i continued watching TV, and another Extended Warranty company came up. I didn't call, it was called mogi, site is

I didn't call them.

My question is, have any of you got an extended warranty? from who, and how much.

What do you think of this company? I tried to look up some independent reviews and did not find any.

I did not give them my exact name, so if you guy give me any positive experiences, I should still be able to call back, with my home phone.

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