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Hello gang! I just wanted to say hello and help provide some information for you all on the difference between 3M Clear Bra pre-cut kits and custom cut kits.

Pre-Cut - As the name implies, these are already cut to the shape of the surfaces that they are being applied to. The one main difference is that since these cuts are pre-cut, they are more difficult to fit close to the edges of the surfaces as there is only a finite amount of material there to stretch. Also, depending on the vehicle, sometimes the pre-cut kits can be more difficult to install than a custom cut kit.

Custom Cut - This is where a piece of raw material (of a certain width) is taken and applied to the surface of the car, stretched to fit, and then very carefully cut while it is on the car for the best fitment. This takes experience to do correctly, as you are taking a very sharp olfa knife and cutting the material (8 mil thick) while it is on the car. The huge advantage is that since there is more material to work with, the stretching is easier, and you can cut closer to edges for a better overall fitment. Also, the material can be taken farther up on a surface (i.e. - hood, fender, etc.) and protect more area than a pre-cut kit does.

I did the custom kit for tqtran and his beautiful 986. The results are much cleaner, and a larger area is covered. If you have any questions, please feel free to let me know. Have a great day!!

3M Clear Bra professional installer
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