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What you've got there with that "bowl" looking thing is an important part of your bolt assembly. You MUST use one on each bolt on your car.

Those bolt cones center the bolt in the hole, allow the bolt to be torqued down to 96 ft lbs (the right torque for Porsche wheel bolt, btw) and keep the bolt tight when the cars in motion.

I ran my rear wheels without them for a while not knowing I needed them after I bought new rims and I had a LOT of vibration as one would expect. My buddy saw a wheel off and started screaming at me at the top of his lungs that I was an idiot for driving the car without them (very dangerous) and then stopped screaming, grabbed me, gave me a manly hug, and said, "Thank you God for sparing my friend's life."

Yeah, they're really important evidently. My friend swore to me he wasn't over-reacting.

PS - The curved side goes toward the wheel (flat side against the bolt head)
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