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Rehab Time

After owning my 986 for ten years I've decided to keep it and rehab it rather than buy new. It appears i need to do a number of cosmetic things to give it an updated look and I wanted to get some suggestions.

1) I have the old chrome '98 wheels which look out of date. Thoughts/suggestions on painting these rather than replacing them? The car is ocean blue. I'm looking for ideas on both color and painting technique.

2) the windshield is lightly scratched from someone running the wipers dry. Anyone had any luck polishing these out?

3) the back plastic window is severely yellowed. an upholstery shop is asking $600 to replace. does this seem like a good deal?

4) the car was never parked in the sun or rain, but the paint still has the typical wear of car-washing, etc. suggestions for polishing this up? I have an electric buffer, but i'm not sure what kind of compound to use?


sam in Phx
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