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congats on the purchase! I just bought my boxster - a 2000 base - about 4 months ago.

I don' thave any problems with my shifter, but it is a bit "loose" I bought that 987 shifter console from ****************************************************.com. mine should arrive in themail today or tomorrow. i am hoping to get it installed before the work week starts up for me on Monday (and my two week vacation grinds to a halt!)

once i get it in, i'll let you know how hard it was. from the other posts here - it's not a very hard job. i already found a really good DIY set of instructions for a short shift kit that does a great job explaining how to get the shifter/center console out. mine is already half way out in anticipation of the shifter arriving..

enjoy the car. like you - i have either owned or test driven a multitude of sports cars - and there is nothign out there that I drove which had the FUN factor of the boxster. A lot of cars that I expected to LOVE, I was let down by. some cars that I was not expecting a lot from were piles of fun.

for the money - a used boxster is a lot of bang for the buck. the only dangerous part is there will be some people who get hit with a lot of repairs and that stuff is $$$. on an older car like mine, a motor failure would mean just dumping the car as fixing the motor costs more than the car is literally worth.
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