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How much coolant have you lost?

Regarding the steam and condensation in the exhaust, that is normal for any non-warmed-up car in cold weather. The amount varies with humidity and temperature. The time for the coolant temp to reach 180 is also normal in cooler weather... mine takes 15-20 minutes to hit that mark on cold days.
What these cars really need is an oil temp gauge... coolant temp is pretty much meaningless when it comes to your engine being warmed up.

To check for coolant in your oil, look at the underside of the oil filler cap... if it is white and milky, you most likely have a oil/coolant mix somewhere. That said, it can also indicate an engine that does a lot of short trips where it doesn't get totally warm.

If you have a different type of coolant leak, keep your nose out for a maple syrup-like smell. That's the smell of burnt coolant.

Good luck!
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