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Gearshift linkage off at the gearbox

Originally Posted by blue2000s
Welcome. If the plastic snaps at the shift lever are the problem with the shifter, you don't need to replace the cables. The snaps come with the shift lever. You can buy a standard 987 lever for about $160 and you will get new snaps and an improved shift action. It's an easy DIY job.

No, it was on the other end, where the cable connects to the gearbox. I ended up stuck in reverse. I pushed the car back up the driveway, jacked it up, and after taking off a metal bracket I could easily see where one of the cables had come disconnected. It's kind of like a ball and socket - I just pushed the hollowed out donut back over the stem. It snaps in place. There is a hole in the bracket where you can get a ty-rap around the whole assembly. I don't have a warm fuzzy knowing that it can slip off again and leave me stranded. I think I need AAA or else make sure I have towing on my insurance. Luckily for me, in the Houston area, I can drive year round. No snow, just the occasional devastating, earth shattering hurricane!
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