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Originally Posted by boxster_s_boy_34
I've been wanting to do the same to my car but I've been a little reluctant because I don't want to devalue the resale on my car by adding an option that wasn't there from the factory. Is this silly to be afraid of or am I using sense? I hella want litronic head lights, but that is the issue hanging over my head. Please afford me some good input.
Jeff, this is completely reversible (you'll just need to keep/buy H7 bulbs if you decide to go back). The only question would be whether you drill the headlight covers or not. Certain sellers have pre-drilled covers as part of the kit (slightly more expensive, of course), but that allows you to go back to the original one. Another option is to get the newer kits with the smaller ballasts, and try to fit everything into the headlight housing itself (in other words, no drilling).

Bottomline, if you decide to sell your car at any point and want to go back to stock, it will be a simple, cheap and quick fix.

Good luck.
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