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Originally Posted by stateofidleness
gentlemen, can you help me diagnose my lack of light problem...
i just installed this kit, got everything hooked up correctly, went to test it, and i can't seem to get my low beam light to come on at all...

after rereading the instructions a few times i saw it mentioned replacing the stock fuse to a 20A fuse... do i need to do this? can i get these at radio shack or autozone?

is there something else i can look at to test why they aren't coming on?

no matter how i twist the headlight knob, i get nothing... when i turn them to 'on', all i see is that "standy" light in the middle of the housing, but no lows...


EDIT: ok after some googling, i found it might be a "polarity" issue, so i went out and rotated the connector to the ballast, tried her out and ...!

HID!!!.. but now my new problem is that they only come on with the high beams selected.. they are off while the low beams are selected... what is the deal?
Are you sure you did not change your hi-beam instead of your low-beam? Note that on the 986, the low-beam is the bulb on the top, and the hi-beam is the one below. Can be confusing.

If that isn't the problem, then I wonder if you inadvertently switched the wiring between hi and low beams?
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