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I have the "new," current FabSpeed system on my car, and yes, it is based off the 987 system,, albeit with different midpipes. I am running mine with TurboWerx headers and the performance and sound is fantastic. The current system is, indeed, resonance free.

I like the exhaust tips you have on your car, and it would be somewhat of a shame to lose them, but you are not going to get an appreciable change in exhaust tone by just deleting the secondary cats.

If you're willing to do some cutting of the heat shielding of the rear bumper, you can install 987 headers and the full 987 exhaust on a 986, which in hindsight, I wish I had done, as I do plan on doing a 3.6 swap at some point. With the FabSpeed, at least, if you do want to do this later, you can just exchange midpipes.

Hope that helps.

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