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A bit better exhaust note - Fabspeed?

A buddy of mine just got a 2008 Boxster. It's one of the special edition orange ones. I was literally stunned at how much better his car sounded than my car does and his has the 2.7L vs. my 3.2L. His car has a great grumble at start and idle, really sings at WOT, but has almost no resonance while cruising.

So now I'm sucked in wanting to get a bit better sound out of my 2004 550 SE. I've read the new Fabspeed system is based off the newer 987/Cayman Porsche exhaust design. I'll either try just thier bypass pipes or just their exhaust first and try adding the headers later. My biggest hesitation in going ahead with the exhaust vs. only the the bypass pipes is I really like my unique 550 double stack exhaust tip which I would lose if I put the full exhaust on.

Anyone have any experience with:
1) Just the bypass pipes
2) Just the exhaust
3) The whole system

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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