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Is this a worn clutch or just too much torque?

Hi all!
I mentioned this in the 'Savivng clutch..." thread but it got buried and I would like to address it separately. Here is what happened.

Currently I am about to hit 70k on the OD and have been thinking about clutch replacement, but I have had no slippage and the initial 'touch' of the clutch is only about 1/4 of the way off the floor. Really is seems like it did all along.

On Monday I was out touring around and there was a moment when I put the car into 2nd, revved up (about 5k) and dropped the clutch. I was going slower than I thought so I should have been in 1st. What happened is that the revs stayed up instead of bogging down. (Yes it was road-aggravation induced.)
Of course this was accompanied by the smell, but then it went on as normal.
It still feels normal with no slipping, but now I wonder if it is on the edge of good/going as I would have expected a different result on this 'mistake'.

Do you think this was a slip from a worn clutch or just too much for 2nd no matter how good the clutch is?
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