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Originally Posted by Lordblood
The biting point is quite high, and before I bought the car an independent mechanic (specializes in Ferrari and Porsche) diagnosed a worn out clutch and small oil leak as the two main things wrong with the car, apparently a 1700 dollar repair altogether.
That's a pretty good price installed. If you're mechanically inclined, you can buy the manual and all of the parts for $500 and DIY it. I ordered the whole clutch kit, a new RMS, the recommended bolts for replacement of the RMS and a new pilot bearing for $400 shipped.

Originally Posted by Dragonwind
However, at 70k my mechanic, who is quite good, was surprised it was lasting this long.Chris
We have 102K on our clutch and it is still tight. I'm replacing it soon anyway because I can hear the throwout bearing making a little noise. I don't know if the T/O bearing can be catastrophic in the Boxster, but it can in the 928 so I want to be safe.
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