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Originally Posted by 60drvr
Can anyone give me some tips on how to store my 98 Box for a LLLONGGG year? I will be in Iraq and want to make sure I come back to the car I love? Especially intrested in the fuel cell...full or not, stabil or not...and whether to put the car on blocks etc. Deployment is soon and my Box will at least be in a pole barn in Ohio out of the weather. Thank you!!!
If this were my situation, I would not put it in a pole barn, unless it has heat and power, and a good exterior skin such as brick or atleast insulated sud walls with wood batten exterior or similar. Ohio winters can be brutal!!

Best alternative is to find a temp controlled garage, whether it's a friend willing to deal, or a self storage center. I know that may be expensive, but what's your investment worth to you?

As far as the car itself, I would perform one final extremly good detail job top to bottom, then move it into the storage position.

Then jack it up to allow full suspension travel, drain all the fluids, including gas. Before you clean it, just run it to empty and whatever gas is left, dump some stabil in there for good measure.

I suppose you could leave the battery connected and run a porsche maintainer to it, but I might opt for just disconnecting it as well for the duration you will be gone.

Finally, I would cover the car with a porsche lockable cover, place the keys where you can remember where they are when you return, then say goodnight to your baby.

hope that helps, Jon
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