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I pushed out a couple of dings...

I pride myself on finding parking spots that keep my doors from getting dings, and had considered my technique to be 100% effective until last weekend.

I was sitting in the garage working on another car when I looked over and noticed a very slight deformation in the reflection of the passenger door of the Box. It was very subtle, only noticeable by looking from an angle if your head is just about right against the front of the car, but it was there.

So I pulled off the door panel, and pulled up as much of the vapor barrier as I needed to to reach the ding. It's pretty time consuming to get that barrier off without ripping it or messing up the adhesive.

I then took a spoon from the kitchen, covered it in electrical tape and rubbed and pressed out the ding. Came out perfectly and saved myself about $100 by not having to go to a shop.

What impressed me was how thick the steel gauge is that Porsche uses on this car. I've done the same thing with a couple of Japanese cars from the 90s and 00s and the sheet metal is significantly thinner.

It's one of those subtle things that Porsche does that leads to their higher cost but ultimately higher quality.
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