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QUOTE=Jake Raby]Thanks for the welcome...

I look forward to more interaction with the following here on the forum.. Voice your concerns and comments, let us know what you want![/QUOTE]

I don't speak for everyone here but someday my 2.5 is sure to pop. When that day comes I will be looking for a larger displacement NA motor that is tuned, balanced and as bulletproof as you can make it. We get lousy 91 gas in Calif so a turbo is less interesting to me (also would never pass smog).

I don't need fire breathing performance that is at the edge of destruction. If I can get reliable Carrera S straight line performance in the the Boxster I should still be able to outrun most of the rear-enders in the corners. Boxsters with stock motors regularly run top five at the track out here. A few extra ponies couldn't hurt.
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