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Originally Posted by bmwm750
I'll second Tool Pants on this one. If you know (how do you know, by the way?) that your clutch is on its last leg, it will be MUCH cheaper to replace it now and save your flywheel than it will be to have to buy a clutch kit AND flywheel after the rivets score the flywheel. Most shops will not attempt to resurface a dual-mass flywheel (which your car has, unless its been replaced by a lightweight previously, which is doubtful).

I had it checked at a mechanic before I bought the car about a month ago. One of the things that was wrong with this car (the list was quite small) was the clutch, which has 90,000 miles on it, and was quite worn.

If I do change the clutch, I would get the oil leak fixed as well as a 90k maintenance, although I could probably do the 90k myself.
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