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Yea 1800 was the cheapest I could find. 1000$ for springs, 600 for intake and 200 for aingment.

Crazy huh!!

Well The springs where a piece of cake, just takes time. I saved a lot of time by looseining the bolts that are on the control arms, That allowed the hub to swing really far down and I did not have to dissasemble much. The fronts came out brakes rotors and struts all in one piece, the rears, the entire hub, brakes and rotor swings out of the way and the strut slides out.

front springs: 1.5 hours each
rear springs: 1 hour each.

Evo intake: 8 hours!!
2002 S
Pedro rear stabilizer bar, CF strut braces, Maxspeed headers with 100 cell cats, Fabspeed cat bypass pipes, H&R springs with M030 setup, TRG rear links, EVO air intake, B&M Short shift kit, Raby IMS upgrade, Raby underdrive pulley
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