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Originally Posted by jhandy
. . .Saved 1800$ by doing it myself.

$1,800 - Wow! For installation only?

I had my local independent Porsche specialist do my EVO install for about $150 (and after watching them wrestle with the old airbox, I also told them to just cut it out in pieces). I'm guessing on the price because I bought the intake through them and the whole cost, including installation, was $500.

I had a different local suspension specialist install my entire ROW 030 kit for $600 - that's springs, shocks, sway bars, and alignment. I chose the shop because I heard great things about them on various forums and know they have installed many of these kits - and they run their own GT3 cup cars as well. I would have expected to pay a bit more for their expertise, but it sounds like I either got a good deal or you were quoted very high prices.
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