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Rick V

I think we met when I sold you my CDR-220.

Here's an alternative that I have been considering:

There is a gentleman in New Jersey named Peter Serbanica. He charges $410 to install a top.

I asked him if I removed the frame and shipped it to him would he put a top on for me and ship it back. He said he would. Since the most expensive GAHH top (German canvas, glass window) is $1084, your total cost would be about $1500 plus shipping.

Mr. Serbanica has not done this before, and he told me he is concerned about breakage of the glass in shipping. If you replace with a plastic window this would not be an issue and it would also be less expensive.

Of course you would also be without a top for a while. (I have a hard top so it is not a big issue for me.) If your wife has another car, you could perform the replacement when she is planning to use her other car.

I understand that it is a fairly easy job to remove the top and frame, but I haven't done it so you will assume any risk of your action. (In fact I was hoping someone would pioneer this procedure with Mr. Serbanica before me to make sure it works.)

If you really want to save some money, here's a guy selling a Robbins top in Virginia Beach:

If you use my plan and the Robbins top you can cut your cost of "keeping momma happy" in half.

Good luck.
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