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I have a silver 1997 and the amber never bothered me. It does look a bit odd on a speed yellow.

When the clear tail lights came out for model year 2003 everyone wanted them, but back then it was hard to get the US version. I have a friend in Germany that does work for Porsche and he got the US version clear lights for me and sent them via DHL as "samples."

Never put them in. Stayed in a box in my garage. Still had my amber headlights and side markers. Thought about selling the clear tail lights.

Then I got backed up into by a truck, and broke my amber headlights. I took this as a sign from the Porsche god it was time to deamber.

I told the body shop not to replace the headlights. Shop gave me about $850 for the lights that were not replaced. Borrowed amber headlights from a friend who switched to litronics for a few months earlier, while I looked for cheap 996 clear headlights.

I found 996 clear headlights for $300 and the side markers were $30. The tail lights were free.

If it was not for the accident I would still be amber.
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