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"The shop charged me $614. The work they did included:
*wet sanding and buffing the top of the hood as it had bubbles in it
*repainting about 1/2 of the underside of the hood for the same reason
*touch up of the front bumper - had about a 16" curb rash which required plastic repair and paint
*touched up 3" scratch on the left rear fender near the bottom in front of the wheel
*repaired right side ground effects and repainted - it was cracked."

Posted by Mike_Yi.

Yeah, if I had all that going on with my finish I'd definitely seek out professional help. The stuff I worked on consisted of maybe a dozen or so head-of-pin sized rock chips. It just seemed pointless to have all that effort (and bucks) invested into it. I'm happy enough with my results (and I'm kind of a perfectionist).
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