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Mine's Seal Grey, and I did some touching up recently as well. I had some of the factory touch up paint but was also interested in the Dr. Colorchip, so I ordered some. Tried both products on different chips.

The factory stuff was okay, but I had the same problem as far as it seeming a touch darker than the surrounding good paint. The Dr. CC, while not perfect (I don't think anything applied with a brush is), was surprisingly good. And it's r e a l easy. It's also pretty good as far as the metallic additive: you could see the micro-flakes floating about on the top of the paint (even post-shaking).

I've got to get to work, but if I think about it later I may post a few other thoughts on the matter. Bottom line: if you're reasonably careful in your technique, it comes out like most paint repairs: In the right light at the right angle, you will be able to see them but almost nobody else will.
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