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Originally Posted by Mike_Yi
I've always used 93 in my Firehawk and will continue to do so. I will also only use 93 in the Boxster. It's only a couple of cents a gallon. Since it looks like crude prices are coming down, I expect gas prices will follow shortly.
Regular was down to $3.81 around Jacksonville, today.
I Will only use 93 becasue I have proven, beyond a doubt with my DD that I lose money by going to mid-grade. I won't try it in the Box. If I can't afford to run premium in the Box, I can't afford to drive it anyway.
Funny how the demonrats are trying to maintain the lie that drilling for more oil won't affect the price, yet as America does no more than demand drilling for our own oil, the price drops.
How'd everyone like the big F*ck You Nancy Pelosi gave the whole country Friday?
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