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Originally Posted by AUDIOGUY
If I can get 93 great.... most of the time I think 92 is normal here. Sunoco has 93.
I think what I buy at Shell is 92... correct me if I am wrong. I really only drive about
a hundred or so miles a week, so gas hasnt been that big of a problem so far. It is noticeably more expensive. In the beginning of the year, fill ups cost $37 to $44. In the last 2 months upwards of $58.

I can imagine how the Hummer guys are doing!
really? I don't think I've ever visited a gas station in NJ where 93 wasn't on the menu. And only once do I ever recall having to use 92 (Gulf). I only used a couple of gallons.
I'm generally suspicious of these guys of these refiners actually selling you what they say they are selling you. Do the state regulators actually check every trailer?
Twenty five cents on each gallon multiplied by millions of gallons every day is a great oppurtunity to make a great deal of money by being dishonest. I mean these are the guys who refuse to install machinery in the pumps that guarantee that you will get a gallon of fuel when you pay for a gallon. A "hot gas" problem that allows them to rake in hundreds of millions if not billions of profits.
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