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yeah, i cut a hole in the headlight housing cover (something like 26mm for me, but i had to cut another small nub out so i could fit a connector through). I placed the ballast right beside the headlight housing (to the right of it on the drivers side, to the left of it on the passenger side). I think this is not the best place to put it, but I don't want to drill a fairly large hole in the body and so far no water has gotten to it. I used molding tape, I was hesitant to drill mounting holes here too. I didn't know how permanent it would be there and I didn't want another place for water to get in.

Wiring it so it doesn't get in the way with headlamp removal just means leaving enough slack so that you can remove the head lamp assembly enough to disconnect the ballast wires. Another reason why I just placed the ballasts right next to the assembly
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