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Originally Posted by Bud
OK, I finished the install and it looks great. I stuffed everything inside the housing, I'm a bit concerned that things might get too hot in there and melt something, otherwise I think it's all good. The kit came with 25 amp fuses though and I thought current draw would be less not more, any info here would be nice. Actually I can't even locate the headlight fuse? so I ran it for 5 min, even with hibeam nothing popped. Thanks for the input guys.


HIDs draw less except for when they turn on/ignite. I know mine can draw up to 16 amps (I had stock 15 amp fuses and put 20s in). On the 986 the low beam fuses are the last two on row A (all the way to the right). High beams run off different fuses so they shouldn't blow, if fuses do blow, they would do so when you turn them on. So I guess for now you don't have to change them if you don't want to...

I had a larger ballast that I couldn't fit into the housing, so I don't really know about how hot it gets in the housing itself..
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