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thanks to all the respondents!!!

put it back together again tonight and it started fine... i didn't run it long

looks like the clips worked loose? i have had some hot rough idle and starting problems - maybe related?

however, you know what it's like when you've gone to the trouble of getting in there.

i've removed the throttle body and taken it into the house to to clean off the butterfly carbon build up.

needless to say i've been using steel wool to clean up the aluminium, etc.

i've removed and i'll clean up / degrease the inlet hose between the air filter and the throttle body while i'm at it.

now that i have peace of mind that reconnecting the hoses returns things to normal, i'll remove the hoses, give them a good clean and renew the clips with stainless - only worry is the little capillary pipe on the hose between the manifolds.

google her i come!

thanks again everyone
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