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Originally Posted by E Kaplan
Did your conversion really make a difference?

Eric K
I feel like it did make a difference, but not necessarily in the way that people would think it would. Obviously because of the way the head lamps are designed they wont use the extra power from the xenons as well as projector lamps would (why didn't porsche just put projectors on it???). What it did was make all the "hot" and "cold" spots more evident and the parts of the street that were lit up with light were that much easier to see than with using Halogens. As for the glare, there is a bit more but I have yet to be pulled over (I did some slight adjusting of the vertical level for the drivers side headlamp to better fit me). And lots of "ricers" put pretty bright bulbs in the cars around here anyhow.

The reason why I did this is because I often drive on unlit highways at night. If it wasn't for that I couldn't give a crap, but after using xenons for the past 4+ years I just felt unsafe on those roads. Its not a huge boost in the amount of light given out, but when I am on those highways I am happy I did it.

And if I do get pulled over I would gladly take the lights out, but I doubt I will. Lots of people around here drive with their highs on (hugely dangerous), but if they are cracking down on it and making it safer for everyone, I'll go with the flow.

That being said, if you have the money you should def. go with litronics. They are made for the HIDs and look better on the car (lack of amber).
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