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Originally Posted by Lil bastard
....or some petrol fumes from the AOS (when was the last oil change?) that ignited when you started it up.
lb - thanks for the fast reply. good point on the oil change!! i have no history with this car, but in general it looks reasonably well maintained.

i have nearly 200UKP worth of mobil 1 in my garage waiting to go into the boxster and bmw.

unfortunately, the bmw is in a worse situation (no history but not looking so well maintained), so i have put some less prestigious oil & filter into it as a flush treatment and after a few hundred miles i will spend a saturday doing mobil 1 and genuine filters on both the porsche and the bmw.

i'll get the measurements off those clips once they're off, refit the old ones and look for SS to retrofit at the oil change!!

thanks agin
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