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WTF - air intake pipes blown off inlet manifold


took the boxster (2000 3.2s 67k miles) out on an errand tonight - about 5 mile round trip - because the DD bmw was dripping its oil into a canister awaiting my completing its oil change.

left the boxster in the driveway so i was certain not to knock it with any flailing tools working on the bmw.

finished the bmw oil change, cleared up and went to start the boxster and reverse it in next to the bmw.


as soon as the boxster fired up there was an almighty bang followed by very rough running accompanied by lots of "popping" / backfiring!!

to cut a long story short, after worrying under the car all over the muffler / exhaust getting nowhere i opened the top into service mode to try and get a view from the top.

i saw that the rubber pipe connecting the two inlet manifolds together had more or less become disconnected from the LHS manifold.

additionally, the pipe connecting the throttle body to the manifold was well on its way to being off too.

now, i'm sure reconnecting these will be a pretty straightforward task, but does anyone have any idea what caused this and if there's any likelihood of it happening again (on the assumption that reconnecting them returns everything to normal!!).

also, i have a very simple OBDII reader (U480) and it is not showing any codes. i would really appreciate it if someone could tell me how to safely generate a code that i can read and reset to confirm i my reader is actually working correctly (or that i am operating it correctly)

photos attached....

many many thanks in advance!!!

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