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I thought a lot about this and posted before regarding my options too.

It doesn't make much financial sense because resell value of the car wouldn't be anywhere close to what was put in. Buying a 997 or a C4S would be a much better idea financially. However, I just don't like the body style, and the rear engine layout of the 911s. The Boxster with its mr setup is much more balanced ( to me ).

Ruf seems to agree as they called the 987 3.8S X51 swap “the most fun car we make.”

The article about that swap is below.

Linky to youtube vid with a guy in Greece who's done this swap:

I cant afford both a 987 and the swap, so I'll make do with what I have. =]

Besides, the 986 looks a lot better than the 987 imho anyways. With PS9 and sways, would probably out handle the 987 or come close enough where its down to drivers skill.

I m hoping to get a high price for the car because its still covered .. for another year and a half as a Porsche CPO. And its going to have a cf interior trims. =D

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