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The plan to spend more $ than I should

I'm trying to decide what to do with my cars in a few months. Going to get a bit of liquid cash and contemplating selling my 2000 Boxster S and get a 'donor' Boxster to build out my copy of Ike's car. X51 swap from RUF and custom body kit.

So for the donor car .. I m looking for a 2003-2004 clean title car that blew its engine, missing front and rear bumper with a bad bad paint, but otherwise mechanically impecable. LOLs. Good luck huh.

What I need to know is:

What exactly is a difference between the S model and the Base model ? Does it matter if I get the S model or the base model ? If I am going to do an engine swap ?

I know there are:

a. Bigger brakes on the S.
b. 3.2L engine vs 2.7
c. 6 spd vs 5 spd tranny ( how much to swap to 6 spd from 5 spd ? )

But I am planning to get GT3 brakes with PS9s so it should not make much of a difference.

So hopefully the plan works out to :

Sell current Boxster [ + $22k ]
Buy new donor chassis [ - $12k ]
PS9 / GT3 Brakes / Light weight rims / GT2 Seats [ - $12k ]
Ruf X51 conversion [ - $30k ]
Custom body work [ - $1k ]
Shipping + Misc [ - $2k ]
Out of pocket [ + $35k ]

Total cost [ $57k give or take a few ks to $60k max]

If it is, its a much better idea than plunking down 10g-15g for a 3.4L swap and then another 10g-15g supercharging. Although that could get 434hp, the potential money pit isn't worth the extra 60hp. The X51 setup with be a brand new engine and service-able at any dealsership.

This way, roughly the same cost as a brand new Boxster S .. but with ALOT more smile per $ spent.

Thank god I dont have a gf / wife who has to rubber stamp this budget. LOLs.

What do you guys think ?

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