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Chasing a steering problem... clicking / rattle noise :)

Hello Forum,

I have a problem which I have tried to solve in about one year now. It is beginning to really drain the joy from owning this car because it feels more and more like a 'old car' and not a well trimmed car, even though I spend a lot of time and money on keeping it in good condition.

The problem is that when the car is cold I have a rather loud rattle noise directly from my steering wheel only at certain RPMs.

When the temperature is hot (25+ celcius) I get a very strong clicking sound and grainy feeling when turning the wheel (like there is sand in the wheel mechanicsm).

In regular temperatures the clicking can easily be replicated by driving very slowly and turning the wheel slightly from right to left back and forth (half turns)...

I hear a rather loud noise when changing from DRIVE to Reverse and from Reverse to Drive. A click, one time from the front.

I was diagnosed with a faulty Servo-pump and therefor replaced it.... that did not help!

I took it to another mechanic and they listened to it and they came up with one of two possible solutions.

1) Tower Bearing (not sure about if it the right word). He said those needed to be exchanged and he sounded quite confident this was the problem but he didn't look 'inside' the car, just took it for short drive with me.

2) Clock spring - Some advised me this could be the clock-spring. I do not really know what it is but I have searched the forum here and found somewhat similar stories to mine but I am unsure if that could cause a rattle and if it would change from temperature ? At least I know this does not cause the sound when changing from Drive to Reverse.

I write here because I hope someone else knows / recognizes this problem or perhaps someone can rule out one of the repair-options and safe me the cost of another unnecessary repair!

I have an appointment with the mechanic this monday to fix 'it' - and I think they are going for option-1 unless I have some input.

Thank you guys, I really appreciate it!

My car is a 1998 Boxster, TipTronic.

Kind regards
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