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No quick answer. They would have to look for the 996 part number. Also what is the model year of the donor.

When the Boxster started out the same radiator was used for left and right. It was made with 2 lower fittings. You would cap off 1 of the 2 fittings depending on if it was being used on the left or right. So a single radiator would work on the left or right side.

Then Porsche came out with side specific radiators. Porsche does not say when this change was made, but the Bulletin Porsche issued is dated July 21.2000. Your 2002 will have the side specific type. The right or passenger side is 996 106 132 51. Left is 996 106 131 51.

The radiator that fit either side was 996 106 131 50.

The yard needs to find the 996 part number to determine what they have.
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